Pat Sumner BA (Hons), Dip RSA, PGCE
Tel: 01824 750288
Mobile: 07930 931310



"After ten years, I finally finished writing my first book and faced the daunting challenge of finding somebody who could get it up to scratch for me. Using Google, I discovered Pat and not only did she give a great price but she was friendly and helpful. She answered every question I had and was willing to tailor her work to my book, specifically to fit my needs. I am over the moon with the improvements she has made and if I ever get book two finished I will be more than happy to ask Pat to proofread and copy-edit it for me."
– H.B. New Novelist


"Fortunately, when I have a deadline coming up, Pat is always happy to help and put my mind at ease. I can hand in my work, stress free, knowing that she has helped to make my writing precise and, most of all, she has helped to structure my thoughts and points so that they are put together in a clear and concise way."
– A.R. Undergraduate Student


"Pat was a great help to me when writing my Personal Statement, ensuring it met a high standard. Not only did she help to perfect my use of English and my grammar, she also advised me on how to lay out my Personal Statement and prioritise my points. Pat would be the first person I would go to for any help with my work and I would have no hesitation in recommending her."
– H.J. Sixth Form Student


"I have no hesitation in recommending Pat Sumner to you. She is methodical and precise, exactly the skills needed in a good editor. My only problem is that in finding such a talented 'star' she will be so booked up that my books will be in a queue. Pat Sumner is worthy of your consideration, she will not let you down."
- Dr Graham Lawler, owner of GLMP Ltd

"As an author, choosing the right person to perform an editorial is not only essential, it can be the difference between an 'average book' and a 'best seller'. In my own case, I was fortunate enough to come into contact with a literary gem, namely – Pat Sumner of Cilan Proofs. Her expertise in transforming my manuscript from a typewritten submission into a professional presentation was outstanding and unbelievable."

- James Stanhope-Brown (author)


"Pat, thank you for the copywriting that you have done for my website.  Initially I had asked you to write a few articles for the website which you did splendidly!  You exceeded my expectations so much that I asked you to review and rewrite the rest of the website.  I really appreciated that you were able to remove the workload away from my team.  I shall look forward to working with you in the near future."
- Richard Riddell, Director of Exam Confidence Ltd


"Pat was superb.  She produces a high quality of work and clearly has a passion for what she does.  The work she completed on was excellent and completed in a timely manner."
- Jon-Paul Brett, Director of Adducology


I want to thank you so much for stepping in at such a late stage and helping us reach our deadline. We were very pleased with your work and will quite happily recommend your services."
- S.W. Care for the Family

"Pat is an exceptional and thorough professional, which is an absolute must when working with text as there is no room for error... There are times in business when you need something done like yesterday... It is at times like these that you are grateful for someone like Pat!  As a proofreader Pat was efficient, thorough and detailed in the way she went about the work.  I have worked in publishing for 16 years so I know how to spot those who have it and those who don't.  I felt safe leaving the work in her hands and would definitely recommend her to others."
- Director of "Loud Voice Communications Ltd", London

"I'm happy to be working with Pat.  She is a professional editor with excellent communication skills."
- PhD student of English Literature

"Pat is a valuable member of our team of external readers which offers an appraisal service for prospective authors."
- Welsh Books Council, Aberystwyth

"Her professionalism and expertise exceeded my expectations...  Pat is a good communicator and her English language skills are excellent, she is very conscientious and fully understood our goals and objectives." 

- R.H., New Zealand

"Having requested Pat at 'CilanProofs' to read and make suggestions to update my CV for forthcoming applications, I can say with complete confidence that her replies were concise, well written, easy to read and the recommendations acted upon ensured that my CV is now a more polished and professional document.  I highly recommend using Cilan Proofreading and Editing."
- I.G.,

"Pat was able to highlight errors, incorrect spelling and punctuation, grammatical mistakes and breaks in continuity...  I am grateful to Pat for her efficiency and her attention to detail.  I would definitely commend her proofreading and copy-editing skills." 
- P.C., Somerset

"Pat helped me a great deal and at very short notice...  She put the letter in an orderly form that made sense...  I could not have asked for a better result." 
- D.W., North Wales

"The problem was solved with a series of businesslike letters, reaching a very satisfactory conclusion...  I would like to recommend Pat for giving a professional and efficient service." 
- G.G., North Wales